Lightning sparks around 100 fires in Sou ...

Lightning sparks around 100 fires in Southwest Oregon, other wildfires continue to burn

Firefighters have responded to an estimated 100 lightning-caused fires across the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest in southwest Oregon since Sunday. As a result, the U.S. Forest Service is bringing in additional resources, according to a Monday afternoon news release. Fires are also burning in other parts of the state. The Hendrix fire, which had burned an estimated 170 acres southwest of Ashland as of 3 p.m. Monday, was started by lightning Sunday, according to information from U.S. Forest Service's Facebook page. Nearby, fires in the Wagner Complex also caused by lightning are burning more than 200 acres. The Gravel fire, burning 100 acres just 8 miles northwest of Prospect, Oregon, was caused by lightning Sunday, according to Northwest Interagency Coordination Center. The fire was 0 percent contained Monday. Sunday lightning also started eight new fires in Crater Lake National Park, all a half acre or less in size. The park remains open and visitors are not at risk, according to a Monday evening news release from the park. Also in southwest Oregon, the Canyon Creek fire is burning about four miles south of Canyonville and is estimated to be around eight acres, according to a news release from Douglas Forest Protective Association. Other small fires are also burning in the southwest region. The Collawash fire is a 25-acre wildfire discovered Sunday on the Clackamas River Ranger District of the Mt. Hood National Forest. Crews are making progress in building a line around the fire, according to a news release. Fire danger is high across Mt. Hood National Forest, with high temperatures and low humidity providing fires the possibility to grow fast. No closures are in place but visitors should be cautious when driving in the area. East of Salem, a fire is burning around 27 acres in the southeast corner of Silver Falls State Park. The Silver Creek fire is estimated to be 35 percent contained, according to a Monday afternoon news release. Steep slopes, thick undergrowth and large snags pose challenges for firefighters in the area. No injuries or facility damage have been reported. Smoke was reported Thursday evening and a fire attack was launched Friday, according to the release. In eastern Oregon, the Currey Canyon fire in Malheur County is 50 percent contained with one residence threatened as of Monday morning. It's burned 3,100 acres so far. Firefighters expect to have it fully contained by Friday. In Wheeler County, firefighters have contained the Solitude fire, which started July 8 and burned 708 acres near Spray, Oregon.
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Flash-flooded Mandra hit by floods again ...

Flash-flooded Mandra hit by floods again as Low “Nefeli” sweeps across Greece

Torrential rains flooded again Mandra and Nea Peramos in West Attica, the villages that were stroke by flash floods in Last November and 24 people lost their lives. Scared and concerned Mandra residents see again rain waters rushing through the streets, covering large areas, and sweeping away cars, garbage bins and other items. A local told on the phone ” The streams have swept away everything. My kids and I went up to the first floor. The water is two meters high. We’ll have another disaster, we are scared, we try to protect ourselves.” According to reports coming from Mandra, the same areas have been flooded again. Traffic in main road of Mandra as well as in the old national roads Athens-Thiva and Athens-Corinth has been halted due to floods. By 10 o’ clock Tuesday evening, the Fire Service had received 45 calls to pump waters from flooded homes and businesses. Five people trapped in homes and cars have been rescued by the Fire Service and transferred to safe places. 50 fire fighters with 20 trucks as well as one boat with divers from the Rescue Service EMAK are in operation in the area. Anti-flooding measures are supposed to have been taken even since the disaster last year. On Tuesday, locals claim the anti-flooding measures were never concluded. Barometric low “Nefeli” has been striking Greece with heavy rainfalls and powerful thunderstorms in the last hours, with the national meteorological service to warn of extreme weather phenomena and floods. East and Central Peloponnese, Thessaly and Magnisia in Central Greece and Halkikidi in the North have been severely hit by heavy rain with the rushing water to sweep away whatever found on their way to the sea. Tonnes of water fell also in the broader area of Volos and Pilio, flooding rivers, streams and agricultural land. The Fire Service rescued two young women who were trapped in their car. In the area by Volos, a total of seven horses were rescued in three separate incidents. In some cases the animals were tied and could not escape the rushing waters. Three horse were almost drowned as they did not managed to escape the rushing waters of Kravsidonas stream. The horses were at the river bed. Locals who saw the water to have reached almost the height of the horses’ neck called the Fire Service that rescued them.
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A 36-year-old diver was killed after lig ...

A 36-year-old diver was killed after lightning struck his oxygen tank!

A 36-year-old diver was killed off a Florida beach after lightning struck his oxygen tank, authorities have said. The man was diving with three others off a boat near Deerfield Beach on Sunday. When he surfaced, ‘lighting struck his tank,’ said Deerfield Beach fire Chief Gary Fernaays. ‘He was approximately 30 feet from the boat at the time.’
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Earthquake lightning?

What was that strange light in the sky? Many people overnight reported seeing strange lights in the sky, a phenomenon that has been reported for centuries before, during, and after earthquakes. Seismologists aren't in agreement about the causes of the hotly-debated phenomenon - called earthquake lights or, sometimes, earthquake lightning. And, of course, it's not clear whether the lights overnight in New Zealand were the phenomenon, or something else. One theory suggests dormant electrical charges in rocks are triggered by the stress of the Earth's crust and plate tectonics, transferring the charge to the surface where it appears as light. Historical reports include globes, or orbs, of glowing light, floating just above the ground or in the sky. Much like tidal research, it is an area that is notoriously difficult to investigate. Tidal stresses and their effects on the Earth are minute, but measurable, although many seismologists remain unconvinced by theories of "tidally triggered" earthquakes. With "earthquake light", the phenomenon is also notoriously difficult to observe, study, and measure.​ GNS seismologist Caroline Holden said there were anecdotal reports of lights in the sky. "Unfortunately, we cannot measure this phenomena or its extent with our instruments to provide a clear explanation," she said. The phenomenon has been documented for centuries. Hypotheses have suggested the movement of rocks could generate an electric field, others suggest quakes can lead to rocks conducting electromagnetic energy and a subsequent build up of electric charges in the upper atmosphere. Yet another theory suggests a link between the electric charge, or current, released by the earth ripping and buckling below the surface, and the magnetic properties of rock. The charge appears as light, so the theory goes. People reported similar strange lights in the sky during the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. In 1888, before a large quake around the Hanmer region, a strange glow in the sky was reported by observers. One recent study documented hundreds of sightings of strange light, glowing, and aurora-like reports, from 1600 to the 19th century. The study in the Seismological Research Letters suggested a charge builds up in rock inside the Earth's crust and, as it becomes rapidly unstable in a quake, expands outward. In an earthquake, the electrical charge transfers from below the surface to the surface, or above, depending on the conductivity of the rock - appearing as light. "When such an intense charge state reaches the Earth's surface and crosses the ground–air interface, it is expected to cause [an electric transmission and breakdown] of the air and, hence, an outburst of light. "This process is suspected to be responsible for flashes of light coming out of the ground and expanding to considerable heights at the time when seismic waves from a large earthquake pass by." The study said some seismologists also think the theory could account for other phenomena, such as changes to electrical fields, strange fog, haze, clouds, and low-frequency humming or radio frequency emission. In the study, the researchers found the light was more often associated with a type of quake in which tectonic plates are wrenched apart, known as a "rift" earthquake
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